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ladrecht, fresque, 1980 1981,

Fresco of Ladrecht




It is realized in 1981 on the stone floor of the well Destival by the Artists of the URAP (Regional Union of the Visual artists), association was based in Nimes. The artists, Maurice Laurent, Jean Marc Stetka, Bedel, Mansour Bekkada, Alain Gouédard, Michel Trani, Bernard Vaissière, Evelyne Bourré, Gibert St Pré, Roma, Axe, Astor, Gilles, and I have to forget it... What text to put under this fresco today disappeared? We can find better than a text taken in the book of THE URAP " the escapees of the moulag " published in 1984. it was written on the stone floor of Destival, on the simple paper, by Jean Pierre Chabrol:

< < A wall, a big wall, it is stupid, it is nasty, between the railroad and the well of Destival. For months, the miners on active strike seemed walled up behind. They appealed to the art. Here we are, this famous team arrived to make of the painting with colored barrels, scales(ladders), brushes of building, and especially hands intelligent, wide, strong as labor pognes. It is painted, I do not want to depict with words... See, this wall sings, this wall fights. The native of the Cévennes, the Paris-Clermont-Nîmes greeted it of a proud whistle in very hard time of the fights for the coal, for the country. By means of talent, this wall enchanted with the fresco entered the landscape, and the proletarian history of the rebels. Let’us keep it in our hearts, let’s just preserve it, the parquet of its museum it is 800 metres of black rock, the ceiling it is our sky, finally of the sun under the cyma. >>



( with pleasant d'Elisabeth Chabrol autorization )