> Texte cevennes,cevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
> Texte cevennescevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
> Texte cévennescevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
> Texte cevennes,cevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
> Texte cevennescevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
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Cevenne, Cevennes :



Geographically they are situated in the South of the Massif Central, in front of the Mediterranean Sea, between the departments of the Ardèche and the Hérault, mainly on the North, the northwest of the Gard and the South of Lozère. For the purists, between Mountain Aigoual and Mountain Lozère. Fabulous and sometimes underestimated landscapes if we take out beaten tracks...

Its main valleys are called, Borgne valley, French valley, valley of Galeizon, long valley, some other equally profound: (because there are almost so many Roaches as valleys), Cèze, Galeizon, births of the Tarn, the Vidourle and the Hérault, and many others...

They are bounded by: Alès, St Ambroix, Villefort, Florac, Vigan, St Hippolyte of the fort, Anduze, Alès. More "inside": St jeans of the gard, St Etienne Vallée Française, the Collet of Dèze, Barre of Cevennes, The Pompidou, St André de Valborgne, Plantiers, Vébron, Espérou, Valleraugue, Sumène, Lasalle, Bridge of Monvert, Bessèges, ...

Cevennes are also lands of resistance: religious wars under Louis XIII and Louis XIV (Camisards), resistance movements) of the last war; and of fights: yesterday and today, for the preservation of the pastoral, agricultural and industrial activities...

We cannot speak about Cevennes, without quoting those who by the paper described it and glorified: A Ebrard, RL Stevenson, A Chamson, JP Chabrol, MO Lacamp, J Carrière, L Larguier, A Rey, P Rabhi, A Vielzeuf, etc. "... At the end, abruptly, my eyes rose above the summit and I was face to face with another country formed by a chaos of blue hills " (passage of the summit of Mt Lozère and discovery of Cevennes by RL Stevenson)... The Tourism, since, settled down in Cevennes...